Welcome to Heritage Ayurveda in Winterkasten/Lindenfels in Südodenwald.

We, the Heritage Ayurveda, create experiences with which you can explore yourself for a healthy life in harmony with nature, our environment, and our own core. Ayurveda Kur Deutschland These experiences are all around you – your awareness and your aspiration! They are designed to sharpen your vision and increase your understanding of the web of life around you as you become immersed in its warmth, color, diversity, and wisdom. If you are a person seeking ultimate peace and self-care in the comfort of Ayurveda, look no further than Heritage Ayurveda, because it is the name of Ayurveda Hotel Deutschland for its unique service.

Indien Botschafterin Frau Tomar veröffentlicht unser erstes Ayurveda-Kochbuch


It is about a deeper awareness of body, mind, and soul. As we are the name for Ayurveda Schweiz, here we reveal Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of healing and living, is the only one of its kind in the world that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our well-being. Yoga is the union of mind and body and Ayurveda is the essence of it. In Ayurveda Oberkirch, with a therapeutic approach that reaches the core of our personality, behavior, and lifestyle, Ayurveda is more than just a system for healing ailments. It shows a complete lifestyle for disease-free living. This was a path worked out by Vaidyas thousands of years ago and is still being followed.

At our Heritage Ayurveda Germany Resort, panchakarma treatment, and yoga center, you can experience authentic Ayurveda based on holistic well-being that will help you find the right energies for a good life. The family atmosphere and the individual care will bring you into the deeper states of

Happiness. The most well-known brand name for Ayurveda Deutschland is Heritage Ayurveda. The Heritage Ayurveda Germany Resort offers you, a well-being rooted in nature, this underlying culture of green harmony transformed into an extension of the whole healing process in the town of Lindenfels-Winterkasten, south of the Odenwald with a magnificent panoramic view over the ups and downs valleys of the Odenwald, the perfect relaxation for body, mind and soul.

Heritage Ayurveda Deutschland Opening Ceremony 


Opening ceremony of Heritage Ayurveda by indian Consulate General of Frankfurt Smt Pratiba Parkar

Ayurveda Packages

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Heritage's Yoga

Yoga is based on two main streams; one based on breathing and the other on postures. When yoga asanas are practiced as property, it leads to good health. The main reason for this is that yogasanas properly tune the nervous system, resulting in regulated blood flow throughout the body. With Heritage Ayurveda kur Deutschland, understand the true wisdom of yoga and wellness. Each yogasana has its effect on specific groups of marma points that allow for health, flexibility, mobility, and physique. It increases concentration, memory, peace, and serenity.

Most people have forgotten how to breathe properly. The consequences: are fatigue, listlessness, or even depression. Proper yoga breathing (pranayama) supplies the body with sufficient oxygen. At Heritage Ayurveda Hotel Deutschland, we reveal to you that, through deep and conscious breathing significantly more energy reserves are available in everyday life. The body becomes more efficient again and can better meet the challenges of modern-day life. Stress and many illnesses (eg depression) can be overcome in this way.

Ayurveda is full of a holistic approach, disease prevention measures, natural cures, personalized well-being, and emphasis on the mind-body connection that resonates with those who seek a more balanced and harmonious life. Heritage Ayurveda is the most well-known brand name for Ayurveda France.

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